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HERS Testing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts cities and towns which have adopted the “Stretch Energy Code” require the use of a HERS Rater to show that the home complies with a higher energy standard. Homes which meet the stretch code are expect to be 20% more energy efficient than those which are built to the minimum requirements of the current Massachusetts energy code. As of this writing, slightly less than half of the cities and towns in MA use the stretch code as part of their building requirements. Use this link to find if your town requires compliance with the stretch code: stretch code communities.

The stretch code is part of the Green Communities Act which Massachusetts adopted back in 2008. Towns and cities which become “Green Communities” are eligible for grants which finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects within the community. These grants are not available to those communities which are not a part of the program.

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System (NEHERS) provides oversight and training to HERS Raters and HERS Providers (trainers) throughout New England, New York and New Jersey. Whether you are looking to hire a HERS Rater or become a HERS Rater, their website provides a good resource.